Join Our Struggle for Islamic & Prosperous Pakistan

About Jamaat Islami

Pakistan's prestigious, honest, capable and proven political party having representation all over Pakistan & around the globe in different countries.

Quran & Sunnah

Quran & Sunnah is the supreme law as per Pakistan's constitution, we strive to implement Allah's devise orders in every field of life.

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Our Leadership

Our leadership is elected at all levels through transparent electoral system allowing us to bring the best among st us to serve Pakistan..

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Corruption Free Pakistan

Economical, Political and Intellectual corruption has been the tools of corrupt elite. We struggle to give Pakistan a fir, honest, dedicated, educated and capable leadership.

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Panama Papers Leak

We are petitioner in Panama Leaks case in Supreme Court. Our struggle will continue to make Pakistan a free and prosperous country.

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Our Struggle for Panama Leaks

Jamaat Islami has always vowed for accountability across the board.

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Roadmap to Revolution

We have clear roadmap for Revolution in Pakistan: A peaceful and lawful struggle, organize public for Islamic & Prosperous Pakistan.

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Jamaat Islami Public Secretariat

If you are victim of Corruption, or you want assistance for Education, employment etc we are here to help you. Our Public Secretariat is located at JI Lahore office, Litton Road, Lahore.

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JI Youth

JI Youth is a dynamic plateform for vibrant youth t contribute in nation building process and give leadership to youth among themselves.

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JI Women Wing

Our women wing is lead by elected women leadership. All activities and projects are run by women themselves. We believe in true representation of women not only in different field but also in political leadership.

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Our Vision

Our Vision is clear: ISLAMIC PAKISTAN, PROSPEROUS PAKISTAN. Islam will boost performance of country and bring education, employment and prosperity at your doorstep.

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Lahore - heart of Pakistan

Lahore is now the hub of education, economy and culture. We want to bring free education, high GDP, better employment opportunities and tourism to Lahore.

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Siraj ul Haq: Its Time to Free Pakistan from Corrupt Elite